Pro Audio-Visual Services

Audio System Reinforcement

Do you need a PA system for your next event or just one more speaker or microphone? We offer multiple options for all different sizes
and types of events. Whether it is just a small event where you need a speaker and a microphone, or a large concert with an array of equipment, we can provide it. Or, a qualified BPS Pro Audio technician can set up and operate the system.  You can also rent equipment and be trained on the operation. Contact us for more information including setup, scheduling, and rates.

Bands – Do you need a PA system for your next gig? We can provide a PA system custom to your band.  BPS Pro Audio can work with you to create the system needed and have a trained technician operate it for an ultimate sound.

Consultation for Pro Audio/Theatrical Lighting Systems

Do you need help learning how to use or just simply have to troubleshoot your sound system? BPS Pro Audio can help you.  Our trained consultants are experienced and can offer help in the following areas: purchasing and deciding on new equipment, help finding the right equipment to fit your needs and budget, and advice concerning the type of equipment needed. Contact us for questions and help with your pro audio needs.

Equipment Rentals

Contact BPS Pro Audio to discuss proper equipment needed to make your event a success. Whether small or large, we can accommodate rentals for a variety of events. A qualified technician will be available to operate the equipment or just simply train you on how to use it.

Professional Trainings

BPS Pro Audio provides professional training on technical systems specializing in pro audio, lighting, and projection: design and engineering. Our team has worked with many schools to provide training for students and staff on proper use of theater technology. We also install new equipment or can consult on the purchase decision. Contact BPS Pro Audio for more information or to schedule your training.

System Installations

BPS Pro Audio has a trained team of Pro Audio/Visual professionals ready to install your next upgrades. We will work with you to find the equipment that you need and help you fit it into your budget. With many years of experience in the field, we know a wide range of technology and how it works. We can also do small repairs and services.
Contact us for more information.