The Basics of Cables (Part I – Everyday Cables)

Cables are what connects everything from our toasters and lights to our phone battery and home button. There are many different kinds of cables and they all are there for different purposes. Knowing what the name of a cable is and how it works in crucial in todays world and especially in the pro-audio/technologies field.

Common Home Cables

Extension Cable

One of the most common cables you will find anywhere you goExtension cord.jpg is an extension cable. They are also known as lead chords. They are used for plugging an item in to your conventional wall outlets when you are not near the plug.

Plug Strip

Although they are not cables plug strips serve in the cable category. They are 18971useful for plugging multiple items into one plug. You can also get them with built in surge protectors, which are recommended for plugging in electronics such as your computer or TV. A surge protector prevents your device from shorting in the instance of a power outage or power strike.

USB Cable

Usb cables have become a common everyday item in the American household. Although USB is a connector type not as much a cable type it is a very common item. They are used for everything from our phone and tablet chargers to our flash storage devices and headphones. There are many different types of USB cables. (as seen below)


                                          USB-A            USB-B            Mini USB         Micro USB

Ethernet Cable

EthernetCableBlue2Ethernet cables are used to connect our home computer or wireless internet modem to the internet. Although they aren’t as common anymore now what we live in a mostly wireless world they are still important and needed to hook up the wireless network. They are also called Cat 5 and RJ-45 cables.

Phone CableCO9TF3130_PAN_1_hd

Phone cables are something that in not too common to find in the
average american home in the year of 2016 although at one point we crucial to communication. They can still be found in some homes and in businesses. They are also called RJ12 cables.


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